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Who and What IS behind Boho Loco Fashion Boutique?

  • I am the Owner and Creative Director of BohoLoco Fashion Boutique and it's FABULOUS to meet you! I'm Lindsay, a Registered Nurse and Instructor. I graduated with my RN in 2008 and worked at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas as an Oncology floor and charge nurse. In 2009 I moved to New Braunfels to live with the man (now fiancé) that I met at a Texaco- that's a whole other blog story though. ;) I started working at Main Methodist Hospital in San Antonio as an Oncology Nurse at that time. I had always worked night shift and while I LOVED living in my own little world, I had gotten to the point where I wanted a 'day job.' So I left the night world and took a position as the ADON at a retirement home in Schertz, Texas and began my work with Alzheimer's/Dementia residents. People always comment how sad my occupations must've been- and it was sometimes- it was really sad. But it's also an incredible amount of FUN. There's so much laughter and love that goes into being a caregiver. And you absolutely learn very quickly to do what you love, wear what you love and be around who you love- because time is so insanely precious. After 5 years at the retirement home, my DREAM job opened up and I jumped on it! I'm now the Certified Nurse Aide Practicum Instructor and Medical Pathophysiology Teacher to Junior and Senior High School students. And I just survived my first year of teaching! I'm so lucky in the way that my career has been so rewarding. It's really pushed me to try new things and step outside the box- to take a passion and just RUN with it!
  • That's what Boho Loco Fashion Boutique is- my dream, my vision and my PASSION- wrapped up with love in the form of flawless bohemian fashion.
  • Boho-chic embodies the raw essence of a woman's strong, free, gypsy spirit and the result is fashion that MOVES with your spirit- flowing, free and flawless- just like you. :)
  • Side Note Confession: First Blog Post EVER! 
  • I would LOVE to hear your thoughts in the Comments Section below! ;)
  • From my heart to your closet - Lins

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  • So proud of you and the evolvement to your present career and bohemian
    “Side-expression”…,,,love your picture

    • Grandma
  • Hi- I found your Poshmark closet that linked to this site. Good for you! It’s nice to hear your story-congrats! I love your boho pics??

    • KRistin
  • Best of luck girl!!!

    • LAura